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Who should attend?

Wine growers, vintners, mobile bottlers, closure and cork manufacturers and suppliers of packaging, who want to test the integrity of their wine packaging, determining the efficiency, quality and, to ultimately, produce a better and more consistent standard of product to meet customer expectations.

From classic glass bottles with cork stoppers to bag-in-box containers or aseptic cartons and cans, Mecmesin has a physical test solution to ensure the contents are securely sealed from leakage and contamination, yet are easy to open for the consumer. 

Visit our website for more information on how you can benefit from the variety of test solutions we offer the wineries and packaging industries:

What is the exhibition about?

For 26 years, the Unified Symposium has been the wine industry’s leading trade show, drawing tens of thousands of guests from all over America and the world to learn about the emerging trends, new products and ways to be more efficient and successful.

Built with the joint input of growers, vintners and allied industry members, the Unified Symposium serves as a clearinghouse of information important to wine and grape industry professionals.

Please register for the Unified Wine and Grape Virtual Symposium 2021 at https://www.unifiedsymposium.org/registration.

We look forward to seeing you on our virtual booth, where our experts will be happy to help you with your force and torque testing applications.

Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021

Webinar: Cork Removal Force Testing

Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021

Webinar: Cork Elasticity

Thursday, 28 Jan 2021

Live demo: Compression Testing of Wine Cans


Webinar: Torque Testing of Closures

Friday, 29 Jan 2021

Webinar: Compression Force Testing

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