Physical Properties Testers Group
World leader in testing solutions driven by people, applications and standards

Our mission

Delivering physical properties testing solutions that guarantee quality and reliability in materials, components and finished products.

Our group is built on quality, innovation and versatility across industry allied to extensive experience in designing specialist solutions.

We are actively growing and looking for opportunities of a mutual fit with our vision and values, that deepen our key industry experience.

Our values

Be smarter

  • To be competitive and develop solutions that deliver what our customers need.

Look after people

  • Keeping our people, our partners and our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Challenge within

  • Successful growth and continuous improvement comes from a culture that constantly challenges itself to be better.

Our brands

The experience and culture across the brands within our group is what really sets us apart.


Alluris is the top brand and manufacturer of handheld force gauges in Germany, with a comprehensive range of force and torque instrumentation.

James Heal

James Heal are the leading brand for materials testing equipment in the textiles industry, with a wide range of extraordinary materials testing solutions.


Mecmesin specialises in force, materials and torque testing solutions for quality control in production line environments and research and development laboratories.

Our future

We focus on growing our international platform to accelerate product development as well as improving sales and service coverage.

We actively look for synergies with technology and manufacturing companies that extend our diverse portfolio and industry specialisms.

Established and respected brands, with technology leadership in their niche applications, can benefit from our cross-industry experience and global distribution channels.

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Our leaders

Tom Reslewic


John Page

Group Managing Director

Jason Malloy

Group Financial Director

Dan Payne

President of PPT Group, Americas

Declan Tierney

Regional Sales Director, EMEA & APAC

Future events

Texture Test

Fundamentals of Texture Testing Analysis

Thu, Dec 9 2021
Webinar (online scheduled streaming event)

The primary goal for using instrumentation to measure texture is to capture an objective value to something that is typically evaluated very subjectively. Texture cannot be controlled unless it measured in a consistent and repeatable manner.