Fundamentals of PPE Testing

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PPE, or personal protective equipment, covers a wide range of garments and face/body coverings, which are designed specifically for the functional benefit of protecting the wearer, increasing safety, and reducing risk – from elements such as viruses and bacteria, chemicals, harmful liquids, and gases. These are primarily textile-based and used regularly by healthcare personnel.

This webinar will focus on two types of PPE, Face Masks and Protective Clothing, and the regulations and testing required for producing and selling these items.

Course Outline:

  • Why is PPE testing important?
  • Protective Face Masks, Medical/Surgical Face Masks and Community Face Coverings - Regulations, Testing and Filtration Efficiency
  • Surgical clothing and drapes - Regulations and Testing

Who should attend?

This is a basic overview of PPE Testing, suitable for anyone involved with producing, procuring or testing PPE.

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James Heal


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