Fundamentals of Phenolic Yellowing

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Alex Mitchell

As consumers, we may have experienced our white clothing and other fabrics turning yellow at some point. As unsightly as it may seem, this ‘yellowing’ of white and lightly colored textiles is a common occurrence, which is usually due to chemical and environmental factors, and fabric ageing.

It is crucial that manufacturers take the correct precautions to ensure their fabrics and garments stay white during production and storage, so that they reach consumers in the best condition ­ ensuring no financial loss due to rejections and consumer complaints.

This webinar covers the basics of phenolic yellowing and how to test for it, including:

  • What is phenolic yellowing and what causes it?
  • The risk of not testing for yellowing
  • Standards, equipment and consumables for the test
  • Conducting a test and assessing your results

This is a fundamentals webinar, ideal for those who are new or want to learn more about yellowing as an area of testing.

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