Fundamentals of Dry Rate Testing

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Alex Mitchell
Kathryn Hawkes

Moisture management is critical for user comfort, ensuring the garment feels dry, and also removing weight from the garment. When moisture sits on a garment is can cause the skin to feel cold and lead to irritation. An effective moisture management system will enable garment and textile manufacturers to assess the suitability of their product during the design stage and make the best materials selection, ensuring maximum user comfort and satisfaction.

This webinar will focus on identifying critical system functions that impact testing, troubleshooting variables that impact drying results, setting up repeatable dry-rate tests and establishing consistent testing methods for your products.

Course outline:

  • What is dry rate testing and why is it important?
  • The relationship between moisture management and materials
  • General overview of the method to test the drying rate automatic vs manual dosing
  • Troubleshooting under-dosing and over-dosing issues

Who should attend?

Technical and Quality designers Managers, Engineers involved in:

  • Technical textiles
  • Materials testing
  • Apparel product development
  • Medical textiles
  • PPE

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