Fundamentals of Child Garment Mechanical Safety - PM

Webinar (online scheduled streaming event)
Wed, Sep 29 2021, 1 - 2pm EDT
Peter Goodwin

There are many factors to consider when developing garments for children; none are more important than the safety of wearer.  

Without consideration for the security of attachment of components like buttons and fasteners, or the use of cords and drawstrings, there is the potential for clothing to cause serious injury, including suffocation, to a baby or small child. 

For this reason, it is crucial that children’s clothing complies with the relevant standards. Join our live webinar to learn about recent changes to test standards in Europe which will help you to source or develop safe garments for children.   

This webinar will briefly cover: 

  • Why is child garment testing important?
  • The main hazards for children from clothing.
  • Recent changes to test standards in Europe, namely the CEN/TS 17394 series.
  • Overview of ASTM F1816.
  • A general overview of the test 

Who should attend? 

The webinar is aimed at technical professionals responsible for compliance and testing of children’s garments.   

Also available on demand

James Heal